Third Thursday of October is the Great Shake Out

What is the Great ShakeOut Day?

-The third Thursday of October each year is called the Great Shake [ShakeOut] Out Day.

-The Great Shake Out Day is an International Day

The great shakeout day is a day of international quake preperation “The Great ShakeOut earthquake drills are based on scenario earthquakes that could effect the area if they were to actually take place.” The “Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills are an annual opportunity… to practice what to do during earthquakes…” USGS Source about Great ShakeOut.

The international shakeout is a great opportunity for humanity to learn while praciticing what to do during an earthquake. What to do, Where to go, Whom to call. Practice – Learn – Repeat – Annually. The great shake out in 2021 is October 21st 2021.

Resources for the Great Shake Out Day:

To sign up for the great shakeout 2021 go to

What to do After an Earthquake:

The USGS has a terrific webpage that goes through some of the basics of what to do after an earthquake.

Their three headings are:




Read the full USGS sheet here. Read this and learn. #shakeout #greatshakeout #October212021