QuakeCov seeks to assist consumers in finding the best offer of Earthquake Insurance available on the open market. Not all earthquake policies are created equal.

“Securing properly priced earthquake insurance is a fundamental goal of Quakecov.com.”

With access to many of the top EQ insurers – we can save many people money over standard policies from the California Earthquake Authority. Even for those that have standalone earthquake policies – we can potentially save you money. It all depends on the property and client.

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Many California Insurance agents only offer earthquake insurance – from one vendor – that is it – and this is almost always the CEA. Some agents have two options: a standalone independent earthquake insurer and the CEA. We offer earthquake insurance policies through the CEA plus an additional five independent earthquake insurers.

“Why Shop with One EQ Insurer when you Can Bid it out to Five?”

We won’t save everyone money – but we will save many of them a significant amount. In addition often we can increase important coverages that are often ignored on standard CEA forms – Such as Loss of Use.

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