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Earthquake Insurance in the State of California is either sold as a Standalone Independent Policy or sold alongside your home insurance policy as an endorsed policy. Almost all home insurance excludes land movement, including earthquake coverage.

Quake Insurance typically is more limited in scope than typical home insurance. In addition it comes with a large deductible. Deductible options often include 5%. 10%, 15%, 20% & 25% with 15% being the most common.

Protect you and your family with financial protection you need and deserve in Earthquake country.

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To get a competitive California Earthquake Insurance Quote – fill out a quote sheet and be certain to provide your contact details. Some carriers will need additional information depending on the age and characteristics of your home.

Quake.cov is your one Stop Shop to California Earthquake Insurance. We offer independent insurance policies to protect your home against the peril of earthquake.

Standard California Homeowners policies DO NOT protect you and your property from the peril of land movement – including earthquake. In order to protect yourself from this peril – you need either a CEA mini policy, which is sold as an endorsement type policy OR an independent standalone earthquake policy.

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