Significant Earthquake Shakes Alaska

Very Large Earthquake Hits Alaskan Penisula, triggering aftershocks and tsunami warnings. Potentially the largest American Earthquake in over 50 years?

An 8.2 Magnitude Earthquake shook Alaska recently on 1015PM on July 28th 2021. The quake shook for significant period of time. As of the date of this short article the earthquake is being referred to as the “Chignik Earthquake.” The quake was located about 75 miles southeast of Chignik, according to the New York Times.

The earthquake happened on the Alaskan peninsula which has been a very seimically active location. A Tsumani warning was issued as well. Tsunamis are often triggered by earthquakes.

This quake is currently being called one of the largest earthquakes in over 50 years. Numerous aftershocks have hit as well. Damage reports do not seem to have come in yet, but they are probably expected.

Surprisingly to many Americans, Alaska has historically been one of the most active states for earthquakes, according to The other state that is the most active is of course California. The article also states the following states as the next tier of activity: “Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Utah, and Oregon.” This is in no particular order.

The 8.2 rating is using the so called richtor scale. According to Wikipedia, a Magnitude of 8 to 8.9 shows the following effects: “Major damage to buildings, structures likely to be destroyed. Will cause moderate to heavy damage to sturdy or earthquake-resistant buildings. Damaging in large areas. Felt in extremely large regions.”